It's official! You don't have to do this social media thing alone. 🎉 As of May 2024, I'll be test-trialing several small businesses on a new social media management and creator package. How many of you small business owners struggle to do it all? I know I do! This package will allow you to give some of that work away and allow me to do it all for you. Well, almost all of it... 👀 You still post and promote but I provide the ideas, images and schedule to make social media turn into a little less of a confusing space to manage..This package will include the following:

  • bi weekly sessions
  • 4-8 reels (minimum of 2 for each week)
  • 20+ images per session
  • open communication to allow for updated ideas and workflow to be captured
  • social media posting schedule with caption ideas
  • a clean and on-brand plan for your business!

Are you ready to see a sneak peek of what you might receive? ⬇️