From Lancaster to Harrisburg and surrounding areas

Hi, I'm Amy.

I’m a spicy food enthusiast, an avid oversized sweater wearer and a full time mom. I get excited when I think a good cloudy day is under way and love to laugh until my stomach hurts. I’ve always been a fan of romance books and cheesy rom coms so it’s no surprise why I built my career around a good love story. You can find me dragging my husband, friends or little ones through the target aisles or in a good pair of sweats editing away and the latest gallery.

I’ve been doing photography since I got my hands on a camera as a teen and now have been doing it professionally for a few years. I found my calling in portraits and haven’t stopped since. I find inspiration in my emotions. I create best when I’m passionate, when I’m hurt and when I’m in my brightest moments. Getting paid to share it with others is the best gift I could’ve asked for :)


Kira, the youngest of the bunch.

Adeline, a wild and unstoppable force.

as captured by Amy Matesevac Photography (me)

The Matesevac Family as captured by Katie Macdonald

The heart of your family is you.

I'm here to help tell your story with beautiful photography.

Nothing is better than seeing the feeling you just can't put into words in your hands - something you can literally hold and run your fingers along - pure magic. Photos that capture the raw and the real. The legacy image.

With hundreds of photographers to select from it can be difficult to find one that has the skill to perfectly capture your story and that "something more" that you have always longed to have. So why me? Because I care. Your family, your story matters to me. I'm here to capture what it feels like in the moment. Don't take my word for it.

Lindsay, Engagement Party

“Amy recently photographed my engagement party and did an amazing job! She captured everything I wanted and more! She is so sweet and kind to work with I felt like I hired a friend! She had our pics back to us so quickly and flawless!”

Together we will create a session where you can slow down and enjoy the feeling. You'll walk along the lakeside, wrap your arms around each other and dance around in your living room. All the in between moments. I'll guide you, give you prompts and take the time to pose you and capture your love. The soft touches, nose rubs and fingers intertwined.

Think we sound like a great match? I agree!

Let's capture some magic!