Preparing for Your Senior Session

So it's your senior year and you've hired a senior photographer? What are you going to wear? How are you going to pose? What do you bring? Don't worry, I'm here to help you solve it all. From spray tans to arrival I've got a sweet and simple list of tips to guide your session prep.

Below I'm going to guide you through it all.

Your senior session style guide in one simple blog.


HAIR & MAKE-UP: I recommend scheduling professional hair and makeup appointments for earlier in the day. A fresh blow out and a professional makeup application goes A LONG way when being photographed! You want to feel your best and this is definitely a time to treat yourself!

NAILS: Your hands will be in the photos. Make sure you don't have chipped polish. We recommend going with a neutral nail color that will match all your outhits!

OUTFITS: Bring options! As a senior you are capturing your final year in high school or college. You lacrosse uniform, a casual top and jeans, your future professional headshot, and of course your cap and gown. All outfits are welcome. I bring a portable changing room to all my senior sessions so you can be sure that you can change in privacy no matter what location we choose.

ACCESSORIES: When planning your outfits, don't forget to plan accessories!! Stacks of bangles, long necklaces, statement pieces, scarves, hats, bright shoes and other add-ons can make or break an outht!

SPRAY TAN: If you are planning to get a spray tan PLEASE exfoliate well and do a trial before our portrait day. If you have streaks, white arm pits, orange hands and toes, you WILL see them in the photos. My best advice - skip the spray tan all together!

IRONING: We know... it's probably your least favorite thing to do but, do it anyway. All your clothes need to be ironed and pressed for your shoot. The wrinkles will show up in your final images if not.

SHAVING: Guys... please make sure to come with a clean shave the day of your photos. Stubble cannot be retouched out.

PATTERNS: I typically suggest staying away from patterns and small graphics. Definitely avoid logos and "words" on clothing. If you do wear a pattern, try to keep it neutral and less distracting.

We want the focus to be on you!

GATHER AND CLEAN PROPS: Musical instruments/cars/bikes should be shiny!

If you're including a pet, give them a bath!

ARRIVE EARLY! Planning to arrive 10-15 minutes early will ensure that we get started right on time and maximize all of our scheduled shooting time!

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