Why am I your new go to second shooter?

Hi, I'm Amy. I'm your down to earth girl you'd love to have around as you take the lead. Not only do I love getting those tedious little details but I'll also be the one to grab you a cup of coffee and your favorite snack on my way to whatever event, session or wedding we're covering. You need someone there to fluff a dress? Capture groomsmen prewedding prep? Do you need a go to emergency kit? I'm your girl. I carry around a brand new wedding emergency kit for each wedding that holds everything from safety pins and bobby pins to bandaids and advil. You'll look like an overprepared rockstar on any given day.

Photographer. Amy.

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Wedding Gear List

  • canon eos rp
  • canon eos r6, rp or r *
  • 85 mm 1.4
  • 50 mm 1.8
  • 35 mm 1.8
  • Sunpak DF3600U-CNX DF3600U Flash
  • VIJIM VL120 LED Video Light

*second camera body is dependent on the amount of notice given prior to the event

additional benefits

  • I try my best to shoot perfectly exposed almost every time. (unedited examples below).
  • I'm fantastic with kids and large families. I come from a family of 9 kids and used to work as a nanny for 2 years.
  • I have experience with nontraditional weddings. Namely within the Nepali community.
  • I'm always dressed professionally (jumpsuits, dress pants, no white, etc) and will even dress in whatever attire requested.

UnEdited examples

Unedited flash (bounce and direct/diffused)

My Photo delivery process

Option for culled or unculled. (Additional $65)

Option for minimal retouching such as pimples or distracting poles edited out or no retouching. (Additional $80)

When it comes to delivering all the images I have 3 methods.

a. I upload a gallery via google docs or drop box of full raw images and send them your way.

b. I give you all the sd cards on the day of!

c. I send out an sd card via mail (yes like usps) the next day. (Arrives within 3-4 days after wedding date)

d. Delivery of your choice, I'm entirely flexible and willing to do what is easiest for you!

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