Keep this in mind:

When planning your session there are already so many things to consider. Are you prepared to add your furry family member into the mix? How well does your dog do in new areas? Will you need to arrive early to let your pup sniff around? Just like you have to prepare kids to meet new people and be in a new place so you have to do the same with your dog!

There are a few items you will have to be prepared to bring along. I highly recommend having a "doggie diaper bag" just as you would a kids diaper bag. You might not need everything in the bag but it's always nice to be prepared.

Doggie Diaper Bag

There are a few things you can bring along to help your dog behave and pose. Here is a mini list of items I've seen used and highly recommend.

  • treats (for good posing)
  • squeaky toys (for your photographer to hold behind the camera)
  • doggie bags
  • water and a bowl
  • a helper (yes, another person to come along and hold the leash when you inevitably want a few solo shots)

Dog Friendly Location Tips

While I mostly recommend dog friendly locations it's also important to do your research! Can you let your dog roam without a leash there? Is it hunting season and it is a hunting area?

Get to the location 15 minutes early, let your pup sniff around and get used to all the new smells and sounds.  Sometimes dogs will be really excited and hyper when they first get to a new location, so giving them this time will make for a much calmer dog (usually).

A well rested and fed dog is the best dog

If your session is during mealtime, be sure to feed them first. Same with humans, being hangry isn't a good look for anyone! This also helps them be on their best behavior, no upset whimpers.

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