Keep this in mind:

When planning your family's wardrobe there are a few things to keep in mind. One thing to keep in mind is that you may want to use these images on more than just your holiday greeting card. As much as I love a good holiday color I also love being able to use these images for as many things as possible such as prints to hang along the walls of our home and my website. These are just personal examples but I'm sure you have a ton of places you'd want to keep your images stored such as your office desk or in a fun wallet sized print.

I recommend going for a neutral color scheme! If anything you can always opt for filling your holiday card with lots of red and green lettering and background colors.

Where will you be using your images?

DoN't be afraid to change things!

As much as I had thought the first dress I picked was going to be the dress I realized I just didn't feel comfortable in it. There I was in target on the day of our session running along all the aisles and hoping a dress might jump out at me as "the dress" and it did! I was in love with the cut color and fit of this dress and the change felt like a no brainer decision!

Keeping the colors neutral allowed me to easily find a dress to fit into the color scheme even at the last minute!


When it came to fit I had noticed that my daughter and my husband both had a tighter fit to their outfits so that meant I would keep a loose fit to mine! Besides the fact that the fit of my clothing broke the tight fitting pattern it also helped bring in that confidence. A loose fit does a good job about hiding bellies, thick arms and any insecurities you night have. I definitely recommend to any mom to throw on a loose dress for an easy outfit and a confident feel!

Lay it out

One thing I was able to do is layout my options online. The internet has a ton of tools such as pinterest, the layout app, canva, etc that help you lay your families outfits out virtually. seeing all your outfits next to each other can help you say yes and click buy!

Comfort over anything else

I cannot emphasize this point enough. Comfort is the top priority. If you feel itchy, pinched or pulled it shows! The more comfortable you feel in an outfit the more likely it will be that you look comfortable and happy in an image.

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