Need images to elevate your website and social media content? 

Being a business owner I'm sure I don't need to tell you just how important it is that your clients see you. Your brand needs to stand out as a consistent presence within your community.

Here comes the issue... you're staring at a screen full of the same 5-10 images you've been using for the past year and unsure of how to style and present your next big product launch.

To top it off, none of the images match. Uneven lighting and editing that spans from moody to airy is just hard to work with. A cohesive brand presence makes your business a consistent community staple. Those patched together profiles and unmatched sites aren't really working anymore. No worries, I'm here to help.


Hey there, I'm Amy! I was once the girl flipping through the same 10 photos hoping for my next big post to pop out at me.

I've been both a photographer and a mom in search of a photographer. As I poured through sites in search of "the one" I noticed how little I could connect with anyone. Not only was there no personality in their pages, I could never see their faces (aside from the occasional stiff headshot). What if there was someone there to provide them with on brand images that are more than just your typical smiley face on a neutral backdrop?

The world doesn't need more pictures of you faking something that you really don't do.

Trust me. I've got you covered.



I'm a huge fan of curating custom packages. Each business is unique, from aesthetic to upcoming events there are a million things I keep in mind as I plan your session. Prior to your session we will meet and discuss your ideas, thoughts, any upcoming product launches, and your hopes for your portraits.

I then send over a booking link which includes an in depth questionnaire. From this questionnaire I can create a timeline and map out your shoot so it can seamlessly tell a story from beginning to end.


This session covers everything your brand needs. We capture photos for your sales site, your next ad campaign, etc. Variety is key, we compose each photo to be able to be used across a variety of social medias/sites and to show off every little detail of what you do. During our planning meet up we start creating unique ideas that compliment your brand in every way. I'm here to make you stand out from the flood of businesses in your area.

No two sessions area alike. which is why I'm always excited about every single brand session. I do an intense amount of planning to ensure these images work for YOUR business.

You're ready to book if:

you're a creative small business owner with a desire to grow by elevating your experience and image.

you lack a consistent cohesive collection of images to support your marketing plan.

you're planning a ton of content for multiple platforms and find yourself in need for on brand images.

you want to build your online presence and community to reach new qualified clients.

Let's capture your brand, your way.

Photos that last.

Let's do it!